Choosing the Best Treadmill to Use at Home – 5 Simple Tips to Follow

Choosing the Best Treadmill to Use at Home – 5 Simple Tips to Follow

December 24, 2020 0 By admin

Choosing the Best Treadmill to Use at Home – 5 Simple Tips to Follow. An at home-treadmill will provide you with almost limitless options to do workouts without leaving your living space. However, picking up the best treadmill to use at home will need you to consider some important things. Before setting up your mind to buy a treadmill with certain specifications, here is a buying guide to follow.

#1. Create Your Budget

As price always matters, make sure to create a budget plan before purchasing a treadmill. Make sure to get the highest quality product in the market that you can afford. A treadmill with high quality should be easy to use, comfortable, durable, and minimum noise. The ones with good performance are usually available in the market for $1,000 at a minimum. If your budget plan is below $1,000, picking up a refurbished or a lightly-used treadmill can be an ideal option.

Choosing the Best Treadmill

Choosing the Best Treadmill

#2. Motor Horsepower

Another thing you should put into consideration when buying a treadmill product is motor horsepower. This is important since the horsepower will influence the treadmill’s quality. Not only that but the horsepower will also affect how your workouts will feel. To narrow down your option, you can choose a treadmill that comes with 1.5 CHP (continuous-duty horsepower) at a minimum. However, if you intend to use the device frequently, a treadmill with 2.5 to 3.0 CHP will be a perfect option to take. When determining the rightest motor horsepower, you also need to consider your weight.

Choosing the Best Treadmill

Choosing the Best Treadmill

#3. Specifications to Look For

Choosing the Best Treadmill

Choosing the Best Treadmill

A good treadmill for home use should possess some basic specifications. These include:

  • Speed

The treadmill should go up to 10 mph or higher if plan to use it for frequent running.

  • Control Panel

The control panel of the treadmill should be easy to use and within your reach.

  • Belt Size

The size of the belt should be at least 18” wide and 48” long if you want to use the treadmill for running.

  • Incline

Make sure to choose a treadmill that can go up to at least 10% or higher.

  • Stability

A treadmill with good stability is a must since you don’t want the device shaking when you walk or run on it.

#4. Programming Extras

The extra program offered is another thing you need to take into account when buying a treadmill. Before making your decision, you need to enlist things that you really want to be available in the product. These could be things like walking or running programs, heart rate monitors, ability to link the product to a certain application, incline or decline programming, and more.

#5. Space and Folding Models

Last but not least. Make sure you consider the space and folding model of the treadmill before determining your option. You need to keep in mind that most treadmill products available in the market look a lot smaller in the shop than it will in your living space. In this way, measuring the space available in your house is important. To make it easier for you to store the treadmill, this will be very helpful if you pick up an easy to fold model.